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Prewiring and Cabling

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TV Wall Mount Fort Collins provides professional prewiring and cabling installation services. Our installers and technicians have years of experience and are experts at proper cable management. We follow strict cabling guidelines to ensure every install is perfect. Our team can wire your new home during construction or we can prewire your existing home before a home theater install. We provide fast, affordable, and reliable prewiring and cabling installation. Your home will look clean and sleek and your cables will be hidden. If you are interested in our wiring services, feel free to email or call our customer service team today.

Benefits of Proper Cable Management

Installing a home theater, surround sound system or home office will require a lot of wires. Managing them can be confusing. You might have cables running all over your room and they could be a tripping hazard. Cables will tangle and you could have a hard time moving equipment. Our team will solve your cable problems. Our cable management and prewiring services will ensure your new theater or office is properly wired. We’ll hide cables and wire them through your walls to ensure a clean install. Our team can install cables in your new home or existing property.

Wiring for New Construction

Are you building a new home and are planning a home theater? Let us wire the system during construction. Our team will be able to quickly install all the required wiring for your home theater or office before your walls are finished. This will save you time and money. Our team won’t have to cut into your new walls to wire the system. You’ll have the cleanest wire install and your home will be ready for its new home theater or home office.

Home Theater Prewiring and Cabling

TV Wall Mount Fort Collins is ready to prewire your home for its new home theater. Most modern home theaters will require wiring throughout a room. While wires can be left out in the open, it could ruin the look of a room. Prewiring the room will ensure your room looks amazing and your wires are safe and secure. During the design phase, we’ll plan all the wiring for your new home theater. We all the wiring will be run through your walls, flooring, or ceiling to ensure they are safe and invisible. Your room will look amazing and you won’t have to worry about messy wires ever after our prewiring services.

Home Office Prewiring and Cabling

We are also available to prewire your home office. A home office might have more cables than your home theater. There will be network wires, internet wires, printer cables, video conferencing cables and more. Let our team plan your home office and we’ll get rid of your wire clutter. You’ll still have access to all your components, but your office will be clean and your wires secure. If you would like more info on our prewiring and cabling services, feel free to email or call our customer service team today.

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